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Full Digital Control Semi-custom AC-DC power supply "BDG series"

Bellnix released BDG series.
Full digital controlled semi-custom AC/DC Power supply.

-Fully digital controlled power supply
-3ch output voltage 
-output voltage range : ±15%
-UVLO function
-Parallel connection to increase output current (90% derating required)

-Input Voltage : AC85 to 264V
-Output Voltage : 5V, 12V, 24V (free combination)
-Output Power : 216 (3 outputs)
-Operating Temperature : -40 to +85°C
-Withstand voltage: AC 3000V
-Efficiency : 87%
-Size : 195 x 100 x 47mm
-IEC60950 compliant
-RoHS Compliant

Datasheet [PDF/1.3MB]