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Corporate Mission

Dream, Creation and Love

Mission Statement

 We, Bellnix, will contributes to the realization of "Happiness Creation" for people all over the world by providing a superior value with making use of our original technologies full of creativity and ingenuity.

Business Policies

 As a company engaging in the development, designing and manufacturing of power supply units and power supply systems which are the heart of electronics, BellnixCo., LTD will

  • always proactively address technology developments and seek to design a power supply unit enabling the reduction of energy consumption associated with its improving efficiency;
  • make an effort to partially and then totally eliminate hazardous chemical substances for the prevention of environment contamination by preparing the objectives of environment preservation, examining the implementation statuses, and making a review by financial year;
  • strictly comply with laws and regulations, etc. regarding company management and environment;
  • consistently promote unique and original technology innovations;
  • provide to the world a product with good quality and usable at ease;
  • deliver the best services to customers in good faith;
  • fulfill its social responsibilities with making efforts to manufacture reliable products; and
  • keep having a dream and create a corporation full of smile and worth living.

Policy on conflict minerals

 Minerals mined in The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries are designated as conflict minerals*, as they finance armed groups in the region that involve in anti-government activities and human rights abuses.
("Conflict minerals" are tantalum, tin, gold, tungsten, their derivatives, and other minerals designated by the US Secretary of State)
 Bellnix with the cooperation of procurement partners, recognizes the importance of the international society working together to reduce trade in conflict minerals, and has set a policy to not use conflict minerals in its products.
 The policy is not to use all minerals produced from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its neighboring areas, but to use legally traded minerals that are not related to conflicts in the area.