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Low noise, high density isolated DC-DC converter "BTI,BTJ series"

The BTI and BTJ series are BT series' power-up product which are small with high efficiency and isolated DC-DC converters.

- High efficiency
- Small size: 1x1inch package
- Industry standard, supports footprint
- Wide input voltage range 4:1
- 6-sided shield metal case which is effective for noise
  and the shield is formed by substrate copper foil on the bottom surface
- Adjustable output voltage
- Isolation voltageDC1500V(1min)
- No tantalum capacitor, No electrolytic capacitor
- Heat sink not required
- Operating temperature -40℃~+85℃ (Temp. derating required)
- RoHS compliance

- Input Voltage : 24Vdc(9 - 36Vdc), 48Vdc(18 - 72Vdc)
- Output Voltage : 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V (Single Output)
                           ±12V, ±15V (Dual Output)
- Output Power : 15W (BTI series), 30W (BTJ series)
- Efficiency : 85% (typ.)

Datasheet[BTI series]
Datasheet[BTJ series]