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Digital Control, High Speed Response POL converter "BDX series"

Power supply requirements of high‐end devices such as FPGA and ASSP are increasingly demanding as a result of the miniaturization of process rules. Particularly, the latest models have entirely new requirements including power supply sequence setting, variable output voltage according to load and large current output capability, some of which the conventional analog POL converters cannot handle.
Bellnix digital POL converters provide solutions to these issues by combining digital control with large current output capability.

- Compact, high power density
- High speed response
- Change settings during operation by serial communication (PMBus, AVSBus)
- Settings can be monitored
- High-speed serial communication via AVSBus
- Sequence settings is possible (PMBus)
- Over current protection
- Low input voltage protection
- ON / OFF control
- Power-Good signal
- Operating temperature −40ºC to +85ºC (Temp. derating required)
- Space saving, no need for parts to change various settings
- RoHS compliance

- Input Voltage : 8 to 14V
- Output Voltage : 0.5V to 1.2V
- Output Current: 0 to 100A (Only Master Unit)
- Operating Temperature : -40 to +85°C
- Efficiency : 89% (Io=50%)
- Ripple Noise : 20mVp-p