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《Q105》 Can voltage be impressed to RC pin?
For products which is pulled up at internal, please avoid from impressing the voltage externally. The problem might be caused when voltage which is higher than internal pull up voltage is impressed.
《Q104》 There are multiple pins of same pin name in BSV series. Please advise how to use.
There are multiple Vin, GND-Vout pins of BSV, this is because due to big current and multiple pins need to be used.

Therefore, basically please use multiple pins.

For tentative use such as checking operation, only one pin can be used without problem. (Each pin is connected internally)

+S, -S pins are sensing pins but they can be left open. P good is open-drain output which becomes H at normal output and they can be left open.

Output voltage of Vadj pin can be changed by connectiong Vout pin and the resistor. By putting 22kΩit will be about 2.5V.

Please refer to the attached data sheet for calculation method of the resistance value.

We recommend the capacitor of low ESR for external capacitor.

Generally, we recommend multi-layered ceramic capacitor.
《Q103》 Do you have an recommended capacitor?
We recommend low impedance capacitor for external capacitor. We recommend electrolytic capacitor, which is described as low impedance or as for switching regulator.

Multilayered ceramic capacitor is low impedance but it might become unstable or oscillate depending on the products.
《Q102》 Will there be any problem using multi-layered ceramic for external capacitor?
When using multi layered ceramic capacitor as converter’s external capacitor, some products may become unstable or oscillate.

This is because the multi layered ceramic capacitor is low ESR and it may oscillate between lead inductance of wire and so, and piezoelectric, which is dielectric, may mechanically consonance.
《Q101》 Your company data sheet states that a capacitor with a large capacity is to be connected to the output side, is this required?
The TMH series, BTN, BTP series, and BHW series, it is recommended that an external capacitor be connected, however even without it, the products will work fine. By connecting an external capacitor the output ripple noise level will decrease, and it is recommended since this is normal. Therefore it does not need to be the recommended values. For the multi layered ceramic recomendations customers can also use a film capacitor or electrolysis capacitor as well. It is important to determine the level of noise and ripple. Also, the BSS series and BSI series, an external capacitor is required. The product requires an external capacitor for the circuit to operate properly. Products which require an external capacitor are stated in the catalog.
《Q005》 Do you sell in small quantities?
Our company do not sell in small quantities. Please check out some of the distributors from our site.
《Q004》 Can the DC-DC converter be used while the voltage value the same as the isolation pressure between the primary and secondary is constantly being impressed?
The isolation pressure on the DC-DC converter is the same as a voltage experiment. The isolation pressure is usually for a short period of time (1 sec, 1 min.). Therefore, the product will not work when voltage is constantly impressed.
《Q003》 I would like to make the over current restriction value smaller
Our DC-DC converters all have a built-in over current restriction value inside the converters, therefore setting the restriction value is not possible.
《Q002》 Is series connection possible?
The non-isolated type DC-DC converters can not be connected as series. However isolated type DC-DC converters are possible to be used in series connection by adding the voltages (5V+5V=10V). When using in series connection, connect a diode to each converter’s output pin (+output side: striped side, -output side:anode), this is to prevent voltage from converters which start up early and to make sure that voltage does not backdraft into other converters. Also, when using the DC-DC converter in serial operation, they must all be the same type.
《Q001》 What are the benefits for using a module part?
Buying a module product has the benefits below:

1.Less development time

2.More stable circuits (The circuits and parts have all been tested and are reliable modules. Also, problems such as malfunctions due to parts selection or wiring patterns will not occur.)

3.Circuit reliability (Reliability can be confirmed from the experiments and tests we do.)