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《Q115》 There are pins which are not being used, what can I do about them?
When nothing is stated, do not connect the unused pins, and leave them open.
《Q114》 Treatment for the sense pin and other open pins
Even when not using the remote sense function, do not open the sense pin and connecct it to the output pin. Connect the +Sense to the +output voltage, -Sense to -output voltage. Also when wiring, make sure there are no loops and the wiring distance is kept short

 <Warning> +Sense pin   :+Vs, +S, +Sense etc.

                      +Output pin   :+Vout, Vout etc.

                      -Sense pin    :-Vs, -S, -Sense etc.

                      -Output pin    :-Vout

               GND corresponding models: 40Watt BSI-Power, 20Watt BSV, BSV-H, BE24SR, BE48SR, BQ48SX
《Q113》 Does the case drop to GND? Should the case be dropped in the primary or secondary GND?
There is no problem with the case connection pin being open. Usually when the case connection pin is connected to the primary or secondary side GND, the DC-DC converter’s radiation noise decreases. We can not say whether connecting to the primary or secondary is better, please try testing yourself. However connecting to the primary is normal when considering the DC-DC converter. Also the wiring from the metal case to GND will have a current the same as the noise, so when connecting, connect as short as possible to the GND. Corresponding models:BTA, BTB, BTC, BTD, BTE, BTF, BTK, BTM, BTN, BTP
《Q112》 Where is the case connection pin connected inside the DC-DC converter?
The case connection pin is only connected to the case.

《Q111》 Would there be any problem using IC logic of C-MOS for ON/OFF control pin of BT series?
Please use open collector output even when using logic IC since ON/OFF control pin of BT series is pulled up internally.
《Q110》 When the ON/OFF pin on the LSN series is turned off, does the output pin turn to open mode? Also when the LSN series is turned OFF, does the output side ever get impressed voltage by another power supply?
When the LSN series’ ON/OFF pin is turned OFF, the output will go into open mode, so that will not be a problem.
《Q109》 Can the BSI-3.3S12R0F be turned off on the remote ON/OFF pin while voltage is impressed on the output?
Please avoid voltage being impressed from the outside since this may cause the product to malfunction. Especially when the input pin is open, the output voltage will return to the inside and raise the input voltage so be careful. When another power supply is connected to the output pin side, use methods so that the current does not flowback.
《Q108》 For the BSI-3.3S12R0F, is the S-GND (pin #2) on the GND side of the remote ON/OFF connected to the -Vin (pin #4) connected internally? Can it be connected to -Vin?
The S-GND and -Vin are connected internally. Therefore connecting to the -Vin pin is possible however since large currents flow through -Vin, a voltage difference between GND may occur. Therefore using the S-GND pin is recommended
《Q107》 Can a C-MOS-IC be used for the ON/OFF control?
Please use open collector or open drain for products which is pulled up internally.
《Q106》 Usage of ON/OFF pin (Is it been pulled up inside?)
Like BSI series, ON/OFF pin can be controlled withput switching ON or rOFF of input. Output will be at ON state when ON/OFF pin is open, output will be at OFF state when pins between GND is short.

Voltage does not have to be impressed externally since we recommend to control by connecting transistor and FET at external.